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We’re looking for talented and highly motivated people to help us reach our very ambitious goals. If you’re passionate about products that improve the online experience and get excited by blitzscaling, we’d love to hear from you! Our headquarters are located in central London, with a second office in Paris.

Cleever is a place where talented people work together to resolve complex problems in order to make things easier.
More specifically, we’re a tech company building tools to help people have a better online shopping experience. We’re currently operating in the UK, the US and Canada. Now, our sights are set on quickly expanding to the rest of the world.

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Senior Account Executive

Full Time – London

E-Commerce Manager

Full Time – London

Our values


This is the power of passion and perseverance. Be passionate and motived to achieve your goals. Even if you are talented and smart, you won’t achieve anything without GRIT.


To generate hyper-growth, we’re constantly pushing our limits and going beyond our comfort zone. That’s where magic happens.


We strive to make online shopping simpler for everyone. But we also know that crafting simple products is far from a simple task.


We’re constantly moving forward, tackling one thing after the other, but are obsessed with doing each of those things really well.

Work ethics


We ask our team members to work hard in order to reach excellence through continuous iteration and dedication. A young company requires special efforts to achieve massive goals

Trust & Accountability

Our employees take personal ownership of growing the company. We hold ourselves and our teams accountable for outcomes, whatever they may be. We trust employees to best know how to get the work done and truly support the work/life balance.


We’re committed to building a company that prioritises diversity and fosters a culture of inclusivity, where different perspectives are not only valued, but encouraged.

Our team

Are you a problem-solver, risk-taker, and always setting the bar high?

Our team of founders has a strong tech background with multiple successes in the technology and e-payment industries. The solidity of our business model gives us the capacity to always reinvest in our products.

Apart from being an innovative project, Cleever allows me to have a lot of inherent challenges in the FinTech and e-commerce ecosystem. We analyse and iterate a lot. It’s very interesting because we directly see the impact of our developments. Moreover, we work in an agile environment and take the time to implement best practices.

What strikes me at Cleever is that everyone understands that we all play an equal role to success. With our unique mix of trust, honesty and ambition, we work hard to deliver the most useful and usable online shopping experience for both shoppers and merchants.

Working at Cleever is a thrilling experience as we strive to disrupt online payments. Being part of this project at such an early stage is a great opportunity to grasp what being in a startup is: Ideation, lean execution and iteration.

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