Maximise Your Revenue and Margin

Cleever helps online business boost sales by increasing AOV and repeat business.

All while generating merchants £1,000 for every 1,000 views on the order confirmation page.

Guaranteed commission on each confirmation page view

Commission Based Solution

Cleever turns every transaction into a profit opportunity, by offering a commission for all your transactions

£1000 every 1000 views

Our revolutionary solution allows you to monetize every view your payment confirmation page gets. Paying £1,000 every 1,000 views it get’s.

Unlimited Commission

There is no limit to the commission, as your business scales so will the commission. A solution for all sizes.

Boost Your Sales Metrics


Increase your AOV on 2nd Purchases

Thanks to our funded £15 OFF once customers return they will spend more. As the £15 OFF are funded the discount won’t impact your margin negatively

Increase in Repeat Business

Thanks to our funded £15 OFF customers will come back to your website more often. Leading to a better return rate, increasing your bottom line


Are you curious about the potential income you could generate from a secondary revenue stream? Get in touch to explore the possibilities.